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Smooth Link: Driven Through Monitoring Process

Monitoring Diagram.
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Frost 8640 Smooth Link Chain vs. Micro Alloy

Frost 8640 Smooth Link Chains Micro Alloy Chains
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The Frost Links Engineering team has proven through the collection of wear data from active installations that the Smooth Link chain out performs Micro Alloy chain in long life and consistent wear rates. Frost 8640 high alloy chain is also proven to be a higher performing material than micro ally chain.
Here are the facts:

  • Frost 8640 chain yield strength is higher than micro alloy chain. This means that micro alloy chain will wear at a faster rate than Frost 8640 Smooth Link chain.
  • Frost Smooth Link chain is through hardened by a computer controlled heat treat process. This results in more consistent wear from chain link to chain link.
  • Frost Smooth Link chain has almost no break-in period. With the smooth surface of the chain pin, the Frost Smooth Link chain out performs the rough forged surface of the micro alloy chain. This results in longer life.

Exact Pitch Driven Through Following Statement:

Each 10 ft. section of Smooth Link® Exact Pitch Chain Measures to within .012 inches (0.3 millimeters).

Frost Links has the ability to manufacture 10 foot chain sections with incredible dimensional consistency. For applications running parallel lines, it can be critical that the pitch of the chain remain consistent through its life. Frost 8640 Smooth Link Exact Pitch Chain also wears at a constant rate insuring the ability to maintain balance between parallel lines.

Smooth Link Exact Pitch Chain also provides for less wear and tear on drives and take-ups. This reduces the amount of maintenance time and saves money on replacement of drive and take-up components.

Stainless Steel Driven Through Strength and Long Life:

Stainless Steel Chain
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Frost Links has developed an incredibly strong and long life stainless steel chain and trolley system. These stainless steel components can be used in the food industry or high corrosion environments. Trolleys are available with either a plastic wheel or all stainless steel wheel construction.
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