Frost Links sells 3 inch, X-348,and 4 inch, X-458, Chain and Trolley Assemblies used in the pork & white meat processing industry.
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3” and 4” Chain and Trolley Assembly

4 and 3 Inch Chain and Trolley Assembly

Typical to the white meat (pork) processing industry are the 3” (X-348) and 4” (X-458) Chain and Trolley Assemblies. Frost Links offers these trolleys and chain as a fully assembled product. The 3” (X-348) and 4” (X-458) Chain and Trolley Assemblies usually incorporate the Frost Sani® Trolley Designs. Note that the chain, trolleys, and wheels are also available in stainless steel. For more information on these and/or other products, contact a sales representative.


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